Making Cheese involves may tasks,
While Joan is way,
Elmer in charge and responsible for her cheese.
Below is a description of part of what he has to do
This gives some idea of what is involved in making cheese

Scroll down to see the various tasks that I attend to in order to insure quality cheese

There were three cheeses in the process of being made at this particular time

Here is the Reblochon cheese

Here is the solution and cloth I use to rub the cheese

The cloth must first be sterilized in a pot of boiling water and then drained

Here are the Instructions that I was given

Next We have Leerdammer or Maasdam

Here is a picture of the Leerdammer cheese

This Cheese needs to be turned daily to insure uniform holes

Here are the instructions that I was given

The third cheese is Kasseri

Kasseri is a Greek cheeses made from goat milk.
Kasseri is an outstanding table cheese.
It is creamy gold in color and resilient in texture.
It has a mild, buttery taste with a hint of olive flavor.
The creamy gold-colored kasseri has a natural rind and is usually sold in blocks.
It's delicious plain, grated over hot foods or used in cooking.
Kasseri is the cheese used in the famous Greek dish SAGANAKI,
Here is a picture of the Kasseri

The instructions I was given are as follows

Of Course the above is only part of the important things I have to do
There are many other tasks too numerous to mention
It is hard being a stay at home father
for Joan's cheese

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