Joan's Rebochon Style Cheese

This Reblochon style cheese is a washed rind raw cows milk cheese
Made: 12/30/11
Ready to Eat: 02/30/12

The rind gives off a pleasant aroma of toasted butter. The straw colored paste is thick, rich and meaty.

Reblochon is a French cheese from the Alps.

The name Reblochon comes from the French word 'reblocher' which literally translated means 'to pinch a cow's udder again'. This refers to the practice of holding back some of the milk from the first milking of a cow to fool the tax collector. During the 14th century, the landowners taxed farmers according to the amount of milk produced. In order to fool the tax collectors, the farmers would not fully milk the cows until after the tax collector had measured the days yield. The milk that remains in the cow for later milkin is much richer, and was traditionally used by the dairymaids to make their own cheese.

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