Leerdammer (also called Maasdam cheese)

Made January 13, 1012 from Cow's Milk

Leerdammer is a Dutch semi-hard cheese made from cow's milk.

Made: 01/13/12
Ready to Eat: 4/13/12

Leerdammer has a sweet, nutty, mild taste and a slightly elastic semi-hard texture with lots of holes.

It has been described as a cross between Emmental and Gouda.

The Leerdammer name is a trade mark of a Dutch Company.
Generic Leerdammer-style cheese is sold as Maasdam cheese.
Therefore my cheese should proably be called Leerdammer style cheese or Maasdam cheese .

The genuine Leerdammer cheese is produced in Schoonrewoerd in the municipality of Leerdam in the Netherlands. This is the city which gave Leerdammer its name.

The cheese was developed by Cees Boterkooper, who owned a small dairy in Schoonrewoerd since 1914 and Bastiaan Baars, who ran a cheese shop in a nearby village.

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