Raclette à la mode Morbier

This Raclette was made from Goat's milk and it has a green horizon interface layer of
lightly dried parsley and arugula. Thus it is "à la mode Morbier"

made March 20, 2012

The name Racletter originated from the Swiss practice of heating this cheese and then scraping off (racler) the melted part.

The term "Raclette" can refers to both a type of cheese and to a Swiss dish made with this type of cheese .

In French, the word for the cheese is masculine, le raclette, whereas the word for the dish is feminine, la raclette.

I called it "à la mode Morbier" because Morbier cheese is a layered cheese.

When cheesemakers ended a day with leftover curd that was not enough for an entire cheese wheel, they would press the leftover curd into a mold, and spread ash over it to protect it overnight. The following morning, the cheese would be topped up with morning milk. Thus creating a layered cheese with an interface layer of ash.

Raclette is generally considered to be a Swiss cheese.

It is a mountain style of cheese that has a milky flavor and a silky, smooth texture. The cheese is sweet and nutty in taste and it has only about fifty percent of the fats that are in most cheese.

Raclette can be eaten when it is younger and a bit softer than most other Alpine styles of cheeses.

Raclette is delicious melted over potatoes, vegetables or bread.

Raclette is an elegant cheese that pairs well with many wine types.

These are notes made by the cheesmaker (i.e. Joan)

Note the circled number 47 means that this is the 47th wheel of cheese that Joan made.

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