Wensleydale - Sage Infused

Made: July 1, 2012 from Goat's milk
Ready to Eat: September 1, 2012


This Wensleydale is made from Goat's Milk
and it is infused with fresh sage to enhance the flavor.

Wensleydale is an English cheese. It is a firm and slightly flaky cheese. It is moist, succulent and slightly sweet with no after-taste.

Wensleydale is perfect to accompany fresh fruits such as apples, pears, grapes, grapefruit and strawberries.

This Wensleydale has been infused with fresh sage to give it a special tangy taste.

Wensleydale cheese was first made by French Cistercian monks from the Roquefort region, who had settled in Wensleydale. They built a monastery at Fors, but some years later the monks moved to Jervaulx in Lower Wensleydale. They brought with them a recipe for making cheese from sheep's milk. During the 14th century cows' milk began to be used instead, and the character of the cheese began to change.

My Wensleydale is made from unpaturized goat's milk.

Wensleydale is a moist, crumbly cheese with a hint of a tangy flavor and a slightly honey-like taste.

My Wensleydale is ready to eat after 60 days; however, it can be aged for six months or more to produce more maturecheese, which is a much drier and harder cheese.

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