Fresh Pressed Chevre
Blue ribbon Winner 2012
Clark County Fair

Made August 3, 2012 from Goat's Milk

Made: August 3, 2012
from Goat's Milk
Ready to Eat: August 4, 2012

This is a fresh pressed chevre that was infused with a mild rosemary scent and dusted with a Hungarian Sweet Paprika spice.

It is embellished with an arugula leaf and flower.

Rosemary leaves have a very strong scent. Adding rosemary directly into the chevre would produce too strong a scent for this delicate goat milk cheese.

Joan infused the cheese with a mild rosemary scent by putting the cheese in a closed container with rosemary leaves. The scent from the leaves was strong enough to infuse the cheese with a delicate, mild and delicious rosemary scent.

The judges liked the mildness of the rosemary scent along with the Paprika taste.

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