Caerphilly Style Cheese

Made October 12, 2012 from Three Gallons of Goat's milk
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Caerphilly Style Cheese

  • Made: October 12, 2012 from three gallons of Goats's Milk
  • Ready to Eat: December 12, 2012
Caerphilly (pronounced CAR-filly) is a semi-firm white cheese.
Caerphilly was developed in the region of Caerphilly, Wales, about 1830.
Caerphilly cheese is moist and pale, with a mild and salty paste. The rind is thin, pale and dry to the touch. The rind is natural and it has a brushed mold coat.

The body is semi-firm. The interior texture is fairly close. The interior is cake-like due to the acidity.

There are a few mechanical openings; however, these are not due to gas as is the case with some cheese.
You will note that the holes are not rounded as would be the case with gas bubbles.
These holes are due to the shrinkage of the cheese as it ages.


This photo shows the caerphilly cheese, cut, after two months aging, that is, on 12/8/12

The following are the cheesemaker's notes

Note: the numeral "59" in the notes means this is the 59th wheel of cheese made by Joan

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