Halloumi Cheese

Made 3/18/13
From half cow's milk and half goat's milk


Sprinked with dried parsely and ready to eat
see below for information about this cheese

Here are the cheesemaker's notes
(i.e. Joan's notes)

Halloumi is a very special cheese
It has a high melting point thus it can be barbecued or fried and served in many different ways.

Halloumi cheese originated in Cyprus
and it goes back to the Medieval Byzantine period (AD 395 – 1191).
It has become very popular throughout the Middle East region.

The cheese is white, with a distinctive layered texture,
similar to mozzarella and it has a salty flavour .
It can stored in its natural juices or with salt-water.
If frozen it can be kept for for up to a year.

It is often garnished with mint to add to the taste.
Traditionally, mint leaves were used as a preservative for this cheese.

Grilled halloumi is a gourmet delight. It's quick, and it tastes, quite simply, incredible.

Halloumi is made with rennet and no acid or acid-producing bacteria are used in its preparation.
My halloumi is made with raw milk,and certain bacteria naturally present
in the milk and environment will enhance the flavor during aging.
These bacteria will leave behind enzymes that will assist flavor during aging.

In addition to having a high melting point ( so that it can easily be fried or grilled),
halloumi has a high pH (low acid) so that it has a non-melting characteristic.

Although the cheese keeps its shape when barbecued or fried,
its outward appearance turns into a crispy, golden-brown color (with grill marks when grilled).
Halloumi softens significantly when heated, but it does not melt. In summary, Halloumi is a wonderful cheese.

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